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The Help I've Had

When I first started running I just ran with some friends and as time got on and I got more confident, I branched out and started running at times on my own.  As I got use to running on my own I started to think I didn't need anyone to help me, that I knew I could figure it out by asking questions here and there.    Eventually I got to the point once injuries started setting in where I knew I couldn't do things by myself.  I needed professional help.

Below is a list of people and businesses that have helped me in one way or another, whether it be emotional support, encouragement, or have helped fix me and get me on the road to recovery.

It's only fair that I share some love back to those that have helped me along the way.


Yvette Paris - My Massage Place

Yvette has worked at Hands On Clinic and Sportsmed January 2015 – July 2017

Experience with referrals from sports doctors, physios, chiropractors and podiatrists. Olympic athletes and professional athletes

Yvette has worked at many events such as Coast 2 Coast since 2015, South Island leg of the Tour of NZ 2015, IronMan events, Ocean Swim Series, Touch Nationals etc

Currently contracts to Julia Russell Massage (Australian company)

Providing sports massage services to elite Australian, NZ and South African sports teams while competing in NZ.

After running every day for nearly 100 days at the time, I started to get sore.  I started to see Yvette regularly to help out with my tight and sore muscles, and that made a huge difference.


Kate Spurling - Christchurch Osteopathic Centre

Kate is a born and bred Aussie who graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Complementary Medicine) and Masters of Osteopathy. Prior to completing her two osteopathic degrees, she attained a Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement). As well as practicing osteopathy in both Australia and New Zealand, Kate practiced in Canada for two years also. 

Being an extremely active individual from an early age, Kate has a love for the outdoors and all sports, in particular she is passionate about snow skiing. Kate is a certified ski instructor and taught skiing for several years at the infamous Beaver Creek Resort in Colorado, USA and also at the Olympic Resort of Whistler/ Blackcomb in Canada. As such, Kate has a special interest in treating, managing and rehabilitating sporting injuries.

Kate is also a runner and has also competed in Ultra Marathons, so it was good to be able to have someone that was able to understand how I felt when running,  she offered much advise as well relating to my running, most of which I took on board, but I'm sure she would tell you herself that I didn't take note so much of breaking my run streak when she told me too,  I should have listened to her much sooner.


Adrian Hamill - PhysioMed

Sports Physician

Nat Anglem


It may seem strange, but some of the best support I've received has actually come from a Running Club of people on the other side of the world,  people I've never met, and yet I feel like I've known some of them like old friends, I guess because we all have the same goals, to better ourselves at something we enjoy.   Ultra Runner Gary House leads this bunch of crazies and he tells it like it is, and is straight up with you.  He has also developed a Runner dedicated Nutrition system called EatStrong which I used for just a few weeks leading up to my first ultra and found I was eating more and still loosing weight which was perfect for me.

The message boards are always full of people encouraging each other. Gary also posts up regular videos or posts (usually a good bunch of funny ones) or the group boards and you usually find a bunch of memes on his @runstrong_uk instagram account, while he shares his knowledge, he does so in a fun way and doesn't take himself seriously, just follow his instagram and wait until you see his #SilentDiscoRun

Friends & Family

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