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The Run Clubs

Initially when I started running, I was lucky enough to have a good friend help me get out there and take me running,  after a while I became a go at it yourself runner,  the type of person that just goes out for a run by themselves, and occasionally I would join a mate for a run.


I found that while I enjoyed the runs by myself,  running with others was often a lot more enjoyable. 

The following are a list of Run Clubs that I enjoy the company of

Kathmandu & Salomon Run Club

This is a free club which is run on Thursday nights, currently run in Christchurch, New Zealand as well as Adelaide and Melbourne, Australia. 


Great company and really enjoyable from the experience I've had. A wide range of different level runners, ranging from absolute beginners, to some that have completed events like Coast to Coast, Godzone, Kepler and other Ultra Marathons.

The coaches are also very skilled and experienced runners,

Below you can click to learn more, but if your interesting in popping along one night to just try it out, just use the other button to register your details with them,  the details are purely for Health and Safety purposes, and registering your details obviously doesn't commit you to turn up.


Achilles is an organisation setup to allow those people with disabilities with be able to compete in events alongside us able bodied people.  

It took me a while to decide to join up and help out here as I was always concerned I may not be able to cope with keeping up with whoever I was going to be guiding, but I soon found it's not that scary at all as they do a good job trying to match people with someone at the same level as them.

It's rather rewarding and an enjoyable experience helping others complete their first half marathon, or even their first 5km run.  I am constantly blown away by the level of these athletes, watching those who are completely blind running managing to take on some challenging events.

If you're looking at a way to give back to others, I do encourage you to get in touch with Achilles.


Technically, I haven't been running with these guys,  but I have been part of the RunStrong group for a while now,  getting involved in a challenge that the coach (Gary House) set up back in January of 2017.  The great thing about this group is that they are all there to help each other, weather it's purely just motivating you to get off your butt and get out the door, or encouraging you when you have had a crap week.

Gary also has an online nutrition system which he has set
up for runners,  I have used that leading up to the Tarawera Ultra 2018 event and managed to drop a heap of weight before the event just by eating better,  and did I go hungry at all... nope, not at all. In fact I found it hard to eat everything that I needed to eat.

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