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After USA/Central America - In NZ at last

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Auckland, North Island, New Zealand

Back in New Zealand, it was a fantastic flight back to Auckland from LA. The flight was so empty, I can only assume that was because most of the people flying back to NZ had caught the plane that left an hour earlier. Thankfully because it was so empty I was able to grab an empty row, lie down and actually get some sleep. I must have slept for at least 6-7 hours, so I'm very relaxed.

To the Duty Free (too late for you guys who wanted anything) and then through customs, on the way to customs there was a sniffer dog out sniffing away at some lady who started freaking out, not because she was worried about being caught with anything, but more from the fact she was scared of dogs.

Well, this is it... Next stop Christchurch, it's been fun everyone.

To all my new friends, take care on the rest if your travels to those of you who are staying on a bit longer. For those of you flying back in the next day or so, have a safe flight back home.

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