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Back home & back into it already

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Well, where do I start. I guess I should start at the end, after all, this is the final blog post for our trip to Peru.

After about 26 hours of travel Bruno and I have finally made it back to Christchurch, a few plane delays here and there, an entire plane change to get to Christchurch due to the delayed flight from Chile, but finally made it.

Arriving in Christchurch we were met by Marco (Bruno's dad) who dropped me at my work so I could pickup the work car so I can get to work when I start back. It was good seeing some of the faces in the office, people seeming generally happy to see me, despite not having computer faults (if they are they didn't say anything). They gave the news that there could be snow tonight, so I decided I better stock up on some food in case I get snowed in.

After the trip to the supermarket I headed home to be meet by my cat Wicket within a minute of walking in the door, very happy to see me. I forgot how fluffy her fur gets in the winter and looks like I'm going to need to get the brush on it. I quickly emptied out my travel bag and gave the house a quick tidy up so I could feel like I could relax a bit.

I had then realised I hadn't had a good shower in over 30 hours, so figured I'd better have one of those. Boy was it nice, warm water, great pressure, how I had missed that. I then got changed and headed out for an 8km hill run. One of my favourite hill run routes leading from home up past Victoria Park to the Sign of the Kiwi, giving a great view over Christchurch when you reach the top. While it wasn't my best run ever, it was the first run I've done in NZ in over a month and seeing I've done very little running over the past month I expected it wouldn't be fantastic.

I've now been back in Christchurch for about 10 hours and over the 26 hours we have been flying I've only had a few hours sleep, so I'm doing well, hopefully I should fall asleep around 9pm or 10pm. If so, then hopefully I should adjust my body clock quickly.

Over the past month I have travelled up mountains to an altitude of almost 5000 meters in altitude, meet a bunch of new friends, finally saw Machu Picchu, travelled to the Amazon, held a Piranha, saw Anacondas, survived the multitudes of mosquito bites and created memories that will last forever.

To Bruno, thanks for being a great travel companion and for doing so much of the translation for me. Its been amazing travelling with you, and I think I I pulled off growing the most facial hair over the trip.

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