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Central America - Day 13 - Free day

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

San Pedro, Belize Cayes, Belize

Free day today. That means we can do whatever we like... We all get a chance to sleep in today should we choose to... Which most of us did.

Woke up this morning with quite sun burnt feet which were very swollen, this made getting around a little difficult at first, but after I put in some Aloe Vera and put my shoes on I was able to get around.

The guys at The Split

At about 1pm I took off for a quick haircut by some barber about half a block from where we were staying, he was quiet a character, he loved watching gangster movies and kept on saying 'Yeah mun', 'You know what I mean mun' and other Jamaican kind of sounding terms. He did a pretty good cut, and even got out the old school razors to do the finer cut around the edges.

After that it was down to the split to get something to eat and was able to watch a few local guys pitting posts into the ocean to begin building a new dock.

I was fascinated by how they did it, they used a pump which pulled water up and pushed it back out the end of a long metal pipe. One guy would slowly lower the pipe onto the sand while the water would blow the sand up out of the way, then all his coworker would have to do is lower the wooden pole into the hole.

The water looked so lovely to swim in today, however as my feet were burnt I decided it would be best to keep as much sun off them and therefore there was no swimming for me today.

I was heading back to the hotel before dinner and Stephanie and I came across the sign outside the police station stating that Drugs are banned (I've posted the picture), despite it being up, it didn't seem to stop anyone offering you weed or Cocaine. I think I must have been offered the stuff at least 4 or 5 times. Seriously... I mean, do I really look like a druggie?

Dinner was at the 'Enjoy It Bar and Restaurant' food here was cheap, but very good value for money, it's defiantly worth a visit for a good meal if you decide to come here. Oh yeah, happy hour is pretty good here as well.

After Dinner most of the guys decided to go back to the hotel as someone decided to have a party on the roof, I wasn't really up for that tonight die to some news from NZ, so I decided I'd go to my room and have a Skype call back home instead to see how things are going.

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