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Central America - Day 16 - Tour over, now what

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico

This morning started at 10am for me today, after getting to bed at about 6am. Nanne did some of his farewells this morning before he went to bed as he knew he would be leaving at 10am while most of us would be sleeping.

We all tried to catch up for brunch this morning, it was suppose to be at 11am, but by the time everyone was downstairs it was closer to 11:30. Stephan and Phyllis left this afternoon at 3pm to head to Cancun for a few days, we all said farewell, although some of the guys will be able to catch up when they head to Cancun tomorrow, me on the other hand won't be able to as I head straight to the airport in the morning with Poppy who will head to her hotel.

Marc will be leaving in the morning at about 6am as his flight is sometime around 10am, so had a chance to say goodbye tonight after dinner, I'm next heading to the airport at 10:30am tomorrow, Poppy will come with me in the Taxi and possibly a couple of the other guys.

And that's it, last night in Central America. It's been fun

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