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Central America - Day 17 - Time to head home

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cancun, Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

Up this morning for a quick breakfast an then it was time to say goodbye to the remaining guys that I have spent the past 2 weeks with.

Poppy, Tariq, Peter and I all caught a Taxi to the airport, however we had to drop the guys off at Poppy's airport first as the taxi driver wasn't able to leave the airport with passengers for some reason. This made me a little more stressed. I was already stressed as I had only realised this morning that I hadn't taken into account time at the airport to check in before checkin closes and I had only booked the taxi with about 40 minutes left to checkin.

Our Taxi driver made relatively good time and was driving like a mouse in a maze zooming in and out of traffic, in the end getting me to the airport with 20 minutes left. I managed to get checked in alright however I apparently needed to loose some weight from the checked in luggage, so I spent a few minutes getting heavy stuff out of my luggage and into my carry on.

I posted the first part of this blog on the plane (I paid for wifi access, first time I've paid for wifi my entire trip). I'm now in LA and cleared customs with no problems and then waited for my bag, I started to get a bit worried as I thought I was late landing, turns out I hadn't taken into account the time difference... Duhhh.

Currently sitting at the NZ gate ready to fly home, it's so strange hearing all the kiwi accents around the place.

Next post will probably be back in NZ.

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