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Central America - Day 5 - Back to Antigua

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez, Guatemala

We woke this morning after a very restless night, at 3am being woken by roosters making there crowing noise (apparently the first bus to Guatemala leaves at 3am which wakes them), and on top of that there is some kind of festival on so we were being woken by fireworks every 30 minutes to an hour. The noise honestly sounded like it was being fired from a canon right outside our bedroom.

After a quick meal made by our honesty family we said our farewells and then headed back to the boat to get back to Panajachel where we all meet up with Sabrina and Poppy.

Our private transport arrived to take us all back to Antigua. Although we didn't have air-con, it wasn't too much of a problem as we could open the windows and feel the nice breeze coming in. Either way, it was still better than spending 4 hours on a chicken bus.

We got back to Antigua and then after about an hour or so we went and had a salsa lesson. For me it was good as I had forgotten a few of the basics as it had been so long since I've been on a dance floor. I think the other guys all had fun too, Thomas knows at least two moves, stepping forward and stepping backwards. After class Sabrina got out on the dance floor with the instructor and showed her stuff.

We all went to Rainbow Cafe for dinner, it was a great night. Food, drinking and entertainment were all been great including the company.

Thomas introduced me to a new game called 'Nervous'. Basically the aim of the game is to put your hand on someone's leg and move it slowly up until they (or you) chicken out. It appears that Thomas has had some practice at that game, and doesn't tend to loose.

We also went out clubbing, but I can't really say much about that apart from it being a great time, we danced, we drank, we had people on the bar an shots being pored into our mouths.

It was fantastic, absolutely amazing company and everyone seemed to have a great time, not sure what time we all got back, I think I got in at just after 1am, and from what I understand some others went off to an after party and didn't get home until way longer.

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