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Central America - Day 6 - Río Dulce

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Río Dulce, Izabal, Guatemala

Today we traveled by private transport to Río Dulce, about an 8 hour trip.

It was a little hard to wake this morning to get ready for the trip, however after hearing some of the stories from others that stayed out, I shouldn't be complaining.

We stopped on the way for lunch at Hotel El Atlantico. Peter ordered a Club sandwich which ended up being way to big for him, you may know the story about how Jesus broke the bread to feed a bunch of people... Well Peters club sandwich would probably have probably been enough to do the same thing.

After lunch we were able to take a dip in the pool. It was so lovely to be able to relax in the warm water for a bit.

We then carried on to Río Dulce where the bus dropped us off before taking a 2 minute boat ride across the river to our hotel where we will stay for the next couple of nights.

The hotel is a lovely little place. Each room is a little hut on stilts, which you have to walk across a raised wooden boardwalk to get to, our one even has a door you can open up at the back which gives you a little view out to a little river running along the back of the rooms.

A bit of swimming before dinner followed by more swimming after dinner.

The stars are very visible from here and Andres spent a lot of the evening looking up and trying to find star constellations with the help of an app on his phone.

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