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Central America - Day 7 - Monkeys & Boat Trip

Updated: Aug 25, 2018

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Izabal, Fronteras, Guatemala
This morning Stephanie, Nanne, Dan and myself woke up early for a Kayak trip to go and see some monkeys at 5:30am. Eventually at 6am our guide turned up, he didn't seem to speak a word of English and just assumed we all knew what we were doing. He placed us in the Kayaks and sent us on our way across the river to go find some monkeys.

Dan and I were initially sharing the same Kayak (dual kayak), however as Nanne was having a bit of trouble with his, Dan in the middle of the river switched Kayaks with him. It made me a little uncomfortable because I was on the Kayak, and if either of them had tipped I would have lost my camera and phone in the river.

We saw heaps of monkeys out there claiming there territories (you can hear them in the video), unfortunately it was a little hard to get pictures of them, but hopefully I have some ok ones in the collection.

After the monkey watching we headed back to catch up with the others for breakfast before we headed off on our boat trip to Livingston. The boat trip took about an hour to travel up the river to Livingston. On the way we were stopped by a group of kids selling stuff from their canoes. These kids use the canoes everyday to get around and it was pretty cool seeing how fast they rocked up to is.

When we finally arrived at Livingston, we headed off to the markets to do some shopping and look around. On our way up to the markets we went past a lady begging on the street looking like she only had one foot and using a chair to get around, turns out she actually had the other foot, she just had it strapped so you couldn't make it out, and had a leg on the chair she was using to get around cut to make it appear she was moving with a limp.

We had lunch at a place called 'Happy Fish' which was a place that a local group came and played some music for us, and Sabrina ended up getting pulled up to dance with one of the band members.

After lunch it was off back to the hotel to relax an do whatever we wanted for the rest of the day, Dan was feeling a bit sick from about halfway on the trip up the river, so he headed off to the doctors, it appears he can put his head user the water for a while so he unfortunately won't be swimming for a little while.

We arrived back to the hotel where we ran into the G-Adventures CEO from the previous trip the guys went on. He's currently taking another group on a similar route to what we are doing, so chances are we will be running into these guys at a number of locations over the next week or so.

Most of the rest of today has been relaxing at the pool and having dinner. After which I went swimming in the pool while others sat around an had a drink or two. We then say out on the dock and just chatted for the rest of the night. I saw my first ever firefly tonight as well, big deal for me as I'd never seen one before, but some of the others didn't think it was a big deal at all.

So I think that it will probably be it from me for now. Night all.

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