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Central America - Day 8 - Flores

Friday, March 21, 2014

Flores, Peten, Guatemala

We made our way to Flores today, roughly a 4 hour trip from Rio Dulce, along the way we came across a truck which had some how been rolled onto it's side, there was no obvious reason that we could see that would have caused it.

Upon arriving we found our rooms weren't quite ready yet as we had arrived a little earlier than planned. We ended up leaving our big bags at the hotel and headed out to grab a bite to eat. It had been a while since some of us have had any fast food so some of us headed off to Burger King which we passed on our way into Flores. It's amazing the small things that you miss at times.

After lunch the girls that were with us for lunch took off and us guys headed off to the mall and played some arcade machines. There was a local kid in there watching us play all these games and we all ended up giving our tickets that we had won to him, it was not as if we would ever use them. We then all caught a Tuc-Tuc back to the hotel which cost 10 Quetzales between 2 people (about 75 cents each), Tariq seemed pissed that he paid that much when he found out how close the hotel was. Funny.

When we got to the hotel it was great to find that the Internet at this place actually worked, it was the best connection we have had the entire trip. I started on uploading all the photos on the cellphone to the web as I needed to free up space to take more photos.

Later on I decide it was time to take a swim, went down to the pool and after about 10 minutes the sun started to go behind some trees so we decided we would go down to the lake to go swimming. Such a great idea, the water was really warm and we meet a bunch of local kids playing and swimming at the lake as well.

Andres set out a challenge with the local kids to see who could do the coolest tricks into the lake. Personally I think that my trick of being able to walk on water like Jesus should have won. After all of the fun in the water, the kids took off while a couple of them stayed around to test the amount of time they could hold their breath. One kid went and held his breath underwater for 2:20 seconds, very impressive. Andres thought he would see how he could do against him and was able to get up to 1:46. Wow.

It was sunset before the last of us decided to head back to the hotel, such a nice day today, a bit of a shame that it has to end and we will be leaving here tomorrow.

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