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Day 12 - Tour Day 8 - Dropping like flies

Maras, Sacred Valley, Peru Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turns out people don't seem to be that well this morning, not sure what it is, I feel fine and a few others are as well, but this morning Ida and Hannah were feeling crook and later this afternoon Bruno wasn't feeling that great either, and then Sammi was out of action this evening too, thus today's title.

A few of us headed out this morning to take Bruno to the police station so he could report his missing phone (required for insurance purposes), after that we headed into town to take a look at some of the markets. During this time others generally spent the day resting up or checking out some of the other sites, like the markets.

We headed out at about 1pm towards Ccaccaccollo which is where we will spend the night with some of the locals. On the way we stopped past a statue of Jesus (kind of like the one in Brazil). We actually were more interested in taking a photo of the city of Cusco, it was pretty awesome looking out over the city I thought.

We continued on to the township of Ccacaccollo and arrived to meet our host mothers. Trent joined Bruno and I as he was by himself and our place had three beds. Our host mother is called Vilma (hope that's the correct spelling). We were taken to our room which overlooks the main square in the town, considering what I was expecting, this place was way better.

We sat down for lunch and then our host brother came in, his name is Ronnie. A very funny kid, that's probably most likely due to his curiosity of me and his plain look on his face after he asked his questions.

He asked what I did for a job, he was told I worked with computers and technology he said "Oh, He's a Nerd" When he asked what we liked to do for fun and I said I run, his response was "If he runs, why are his muscles so tiny (comparing my biceps with Bruno's)" After he asked our age, and he found out I was the oldest, he asked "Why is it he's older, but he's got no woman". This boy just seemed so genuinely interested, he had such a straight face. He even had the cheek to ask "Why does he have such a big forehead?" after he saw the others had more hair than me.

The guys couldn't stop laughing, and as I don't really speak Spanish I had no idea what the heck he was asking until Bruno would translate it for me.

After a quick lunch and a lot of insulting questions by Ronnie, we got changed into some local clothing and then went outside to do some work in the corn fields, pulling corn from the husks. It wasn't actually that bad, and was interesting to see how they did it, every day they go out and do it. A lot of work to just get corn.

We then had some free time to have a look around the place, most of us just sat around in the main square and played soccer with the local kids. It wasn't easy, these kids were pretty good and they had grown up at the altitude of 3600m, where we still have trouble running around. We ended up even trying to cheat by grabbing the kids so they couldn't get the ball, but still they beat us.

We had dinner next before heading out to give some local dancing a go. While I had fun, it was clear that some of the others seemed to enjoy it way more. Fredrik was really getting into it and seemed to be the life of the party.

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