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Day 13 - Resting in Courmayeur

After an unexpected early finish, or not finish in my case of the CCC, I picked up my race bag which had a spare change of clothes and a towel, grabbed a quick shower, then caught the last bus that I could find back to Courmayeur arriving at about 1am in the morning. The walk back to the hotel being rather slow as one would expect after several hours out running in the mountains.

Making my way to my room, I popped my head on the pillow and eventually dozed off. Waking in the morning to the noise of the other guests and hotel staff moving around I found myself just laying there, enjoying not having to get up and do anything right away. Feet still a little sore from the previous days outing. I managed to complete my race report, although I'm sure there are still a number of spelling errors and Grammer errors, but I've tried to fix up what I find. Still in bed, but getting regular updates on the UTMB race watching the top runners smashing it. By 2:30pm, Jim Walmsley had finished and finally become the first American man to win the UTMB Miler event with a time of 19 hours and 37 minutes. Scotty Hawker and Daniel Jones from NZ were still out on the course, both doing really well.

Given it was 2:30pm, all places were still closed so this gave me a little bit of time to get up and shower before heading to the shops. Eventually getting showered and then grabbing all my running smelly running gear from yesterday I made my way down to the laundry mat again to get them cleaned, along the way grabbing something to eat. There is a bridge that I have to cross to get to it, and each time so do I enjoy the look of the flowers planted on each side of it. I ate away at my lunch while my clothes were getting washed and dried and applied some Aloe Vera gel over the sunburn which I got from the previous days adventure... Turns out I wasn't the only one, ran into some hikers at the pharmacy when I came outside who said, ohhhh, same as us... They had been hiking part of the trail the previous day and got sunburnt too.

Once the clothes were washed and dried it was a little stroll back to the hotel getting a Gelato on the way back, although I probably won't go back to that spot as the lady was rather rude about making mine, so that's a no from me for future visits, Inknownit won't hurt their business at all, but I just don't have time for that.

Dropped my bag off with my washing at the hotel, had a little rest and then made my way to get some dinner. The restaurant was packed so got mine take away and headed back to the hotel to eat it outside while enjoying the scenery, not a bad way to finish the day. Heading back into the hotel I had interrupted the receptionist from her cigarettes break, I said, "Oh sorry about that" "No problem" she replied stating it was a bad habit anyway. I explained to her we see very little smoking in our country, she was surprised and I told her that the price has been put up rather high to help cut the smoking back, apparently a pack of cigarettes is about €5, so about NZD$10, no wonder there are a lot of smokers there... I explained it's not really doing much though in NZ as now everyone is just moving to vaping.

Anyhow... That's my relaxing day, shortest read probably from my blogs too.

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