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Day 16 - Annecy Lake Ride, Old Town at night

Booked a bike for a ride this morning and strolled down to pick it up, they needed a €150 deposit, however as I generally use Paywave (funny enough, they guy hadn't heard that term) I hadn't taken my credit card to the bike shop. As luck has it, by hotel is literally about 50 meters away, so I dashed back to pick it up so I could get this bike sorted.

Once I was on my way, I went in the direction I thought I was meant to go, but I must have taken a wrong turn (turned left instead of right) and ended up going away from the lake. As

Biked for a bit and found a whalf, so decided to take a dip, dived off the whalf and went for a little swim, the lake water was so freshing, met a French lady and her partner from Aussie, who were on holiday from Sydney with their newborn son, just 6 weeks old. Turns out she (or her family) has a house there so it was nice for them to be able to visit on holiday, especially seeing they have been in Aussie for a while.

I continued biking, ended up passing the two Australians I me the day before as well. Had a bit of a chat as we biked along before I left them and carried on.

Around the 30kk mark I decided to take another dip, it was defiantly getting warmer, hitting 31 degrees by 1pm, and my butt was not use to being on a bicycle seat for so long so the dip would give it a bit of a break. After about 45 minutes I figured it's not going to get any cooler anytime soon, so better head back. Biking along the cycle lane was a guy on rollerblades (Inline Skates), man he was cruising along at an average of 25km I reckon, as I was checking my watch as I was trying to catch up and then settled in behind him for a bit. Eventually I was able to pass him and arrived on to the shops to see if I could get a charger cable for my phone, the one I have is playing silly buggers. I found a mobile phone store and popped in €20... Ummm no, I'm not going to pay almost NZD$40 for a charger cable, I'll make do with the backup ones I have (they don't charge as fast as the one I want), I have spares back home so don't really need one that much.

It wasn't getting much cooler, so went back to the hotel to change my shorts which were still wet from the swimming, I would have thought they would have dried with all the biking, but no... The only good thing about the biking was it kept me cool in the heat with the breeze, just not good at drying my wet clothes. Took a walk around to look at some of the cathedrals/churches, there are actually 3 all within a matter of about 3 minutes walk from each other... Why so many I don't know. Nothing too impressive about these ones compared to the last lot I've seen. The first was Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, with construction started in the 16th century and completed in the 19th century... Stain glasses windows were probably the highlight of this one.

It was then off to around the corner to see Église Notre Dame de Liesse, which started its construction in the 14th century, unfortunately I'm not sure when construction finished, while there were some, there weren't many in stain glass windows in this one. From there it was time for some Gelato and then onto see Église Saint-François de Sales. This one was constructed in the 17th Century to honour Saint Francis De Sales, this was definately a bit more modern, certainly a lot more light in it as I could easily see the other end of the Church without having to walk from one end to the other.

After that I was pretty spent, decided head back to the hotel, keep out of the heat and I'll head out for a bit more of an explore in the evening. About 9pm I headed out, restaurants were open so I found somewhere to eat before taking a bit of a stroll around the old city at night. There want much going on in the Old Town at night, people were eating, drinking, and of course plenty smoking. As I stolled the streets I found some people out doing things on the street to make some money, and no... Don't be dirty minded, I'm talking about artists or people selling jewellery. While the town was lit up by street lights I was expecting to see the old prison lit up, alas It wasn't.

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