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Day 18 - Beaune, Hospital Museum and Light Show

Woke up this morning on the couch, when my parents said I'd be staying on the couch, I thought they were joking at first, but really I didn't care either way if it was a couch or a bed, or even the floor. The couch is actually rather large which is great. It suits me fine.

After a quick shower and some breakfast, we all took a walk around the township, visiting the Basilica of Our Lady (Basilica Notre-Dame) where I visited yesterday... It wasn't bad seeing it again as I saw some spots which I had missed when I first visited. We then all headed down to take a look at Hôtel-Dieu Museum, also known as Hospices de Beaune, a museum of an old hospital which was originally built in 1443 by Nicolas Rolin, the Chancellor of Burgundy, and his wife, Guigone de Salins, as a charitable institution to care for the sick and needy. In reality, he was partially trying to buy his way into heaven by helping the poor, that was essentially his words which were played over the translated device we were carrying around. Pretty amazing set up there, with lots of tapestries. There was also a nice piece of artwork called The Polyptych of the Last Judgment, the original piece use to be in the main hall which houses the 30 patients, but due to its age has been moved to a controlled environment. It was constructed between 1446 and 1452 and is made up of a central panel showing the Last Judgment, surrounded by smaller panels showing scenes from heaven and hell.

From there we went back to the accommodation to get some lunch before Mike, Gill and myself decided to go for a walk around the old wall. We were expecting more of an old town wall like in Dubrovnik, however this felt more like we were just walking some streets a little higher up than others.

Mike, Gill and I were getting pretty hot as the temp was getting up to 33 degrees, so we decided to go get a Gelato, after finding a shop we opened the door and ohhhh, Air Conditioning... So nice in there, the man behind the counter asked where Mike was from and he said New Zealand, then the guy mentioned about the Rugby game tomorrow, he reckoned the score would be France 50, New Zealand 10... Lol, funny man, we will see. We headed back to our accommodation popping into a Wine store literary across the road from our accommodation. It was a good temperature in there, not too hot, not too cold, Goldilocks would have said it was Just Right.

Back to our accommodation for a bit of relaxation out of the heat, but really it was still warm in the apartment and it was just keeping us out of the sun. Dad cooked up a good meal of Chicken, Potatoes, some Sausages and carrots, yum... another home cooked meal.

After dinner, Mike, Gill and I thought we would go for a walk at night to see what the township was like, strolling through the streets it seemed a little ordinary, then as we walked around the corner we saw a tower which looked like it had scaffolding on it and was lit up, then we started to see stuff falling, turns out it was a projection being projected onto the side of the tower, it was rather fascinating and I couldn't work out where the projection was coming from, after the show I walked up to the building trying to figure out where it came from. Turns out I had been standing in front of the projection unit the entire time, we then recognised seeing a few of those boxes earlier in the day, so decided to try and see what the other locations had to offer.

We saw another couple of light shows, and we know of at least one more, maybe two, but I don't know if we will get a chance to see those one.

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