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Day 19 - Beaune, Chateau & Wineries

The morning started with breakfast and the Dad trying to figure out what places to, there was a bit of a mixup last night and Dad thought Mike was planning it and Mike thought Dad was planning it. We strolled down to the car at around 10am and headed towards a winery to do some tasting, only to find once we got there, they weren't open until 2pm, we decided to head off to another one about of a drive away, but came across a Chateau, we decided to pop in and take a look, apparently there were a lot of cars on display. Mike's a bit of a car buff so we decided to pop in. Turns out this place not only had Cars as well as model cars, but Motorbikes, model motorbikes, Model spaceships, firetrucks, airplanes, model airplanes, while he had model tanks, I didn't see any real ones floating around, although I did spot a hovercraft. The guy who owned the collection was a local winemaker who had been collecting since his mid 20's and recently passed away a couple of years ago at 89. His children have now taken on keeping the collection going.

The parents did a wine tasting before we decided to walk down the street to get something to eat, as it was nearing 2pm the options were going to be limited, however as luck would have it, we found a place right away, however as luck didn't have it... they just didn't seem interested in helping us out at all for lunch, so instead we jumped in the car and found a bakery, way cheaper and faster.

We then made our way onto another spot so everyone could do a wine tasting, in the heat I didn't really feel like it myself, so I just patiently waited until they were all done, then we made our way back towards our accommodation, but not without stopping at another place for some more wine tasting.

It was then back to the apartment. I got a few clothes together and then headed off the the Laundromat before we headed out for dinner. Dad had been recommended this place for dinner by a friend back home, so we popped down to give it a try, the menu was small which was good as it didn't overcrowd you with too many options to pick from, I went with the Braised Beef, while others had Pigeon or Duck... now while the food menu was small and limited, the wine menu on the other hand was extensive... pages and pages of wines, some going over the €1,000 value... crazy.

After dinner, Dad, Mum and I headed back to the apartment, Dad wanted to watch the rugby, and I had worked out earlier that day how to get it to play on the tv in the appartment we were staying. Mike and Gill went off to the car to get an Onion which was left in it, and they found a couple more of the light shows... nothing to compare with the ones we had seen the day before.

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