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Day 19 - On our own but still together

Cusco, Cuzco, Peru Sunday, June 28, 2015

Today we are on our own,  Lucho had left this morning at about 6am to fly to his next job, thus leaving us on our own as the tour group is now over.

In saying that, we are mostly still all together. Three of the group will be leaving today, with others starting to leave as early as 5am tomorrow morning.

We got up and started to meet each other in the main foyer of the hotel at about 10am,  I'm not sure if this was exactly planned, or if it just happened to work out that way,  we had all been out late at night and it was rather nice to get a bit of a sleep in for a change.  Then again,  I was actually up at just before 7am, so not really sure if that's a sleep-in or not.

Bruno and I headed off to the Police Station to file a lost item report for my camera which we haven't been able to do until now as we haven't been in a city where we could actually find a police station.  After a bit of a talk with the tourist police we were able to get the police report logged which is a huge relief for me.  We made our way to a restaurant called Jack's Cafe for lunch as we had arranged to meet the others there for lunch at 11:30.   

While we were a couple of minutes late getting there, it didn't really matter too much as the others were still waiting outside as there was limited seating,  we were however able to pre-order our lunch so it would be ready when we got our seats.  Although Jack's Cafe is smallish,  it seemed really popular with both locals and tourists,  mainly due to the quality of the food and the price. I ordered a Steak sandwich with Fries, a Lemonade and Chocolate shake for under NZ$20,  the quality of the food was excellent and if you ever get to Cusco, I would strongly recommend giving it a go if you want something cheap.

After lunch we made our way back toward our hotel, stopping one last time as a group in the square to just sit and relax... Laura had a little dog approach her and it cuddled up next to her... Being such a hot day Sonia cupped her hands together and Laura poured in some water, the dog lapped it up. We bid farewell to the dog who Laura had named Lucho, then proceeded back to the hotel so we could bid farewell to Trent who had a taxi arriving for him at just after 1pm.  He's not one for emotional goodbyes so it was a quick farewell as he walked out the door, a couple of moments later he returned... once again, he had left a couple of his items behind, this happened a lot on the trip and became a joke whenever we found a bag of stuff and we didn't know who it belonged too, 90% of the time, it was his.  It was a funny way to finish off his trip with us as we laughed when he grabbed his stuff for the last time.

We then headed our own ways, with some of the guys staying behind in the hotel to simply relax out of the heat and rest,  Ida, Fredrik, Bruno, Hannah and myself made our way to the Chocolate Museum so we could try and book in a chocolate making session tomorrow.  Bruno and I then headed off to book in a well deserved massage, while the others went off shopping. Booking for the massage is now scheduled for tomorrow so I guess that's one thing we can look forward to.

After booking in the massages we decided we would simply relax. Bruno relaxed while I ended uploading the photos from the rafting company to my online account in case the CD gets damaged in transport. I'll hopefully upload one or two of these when I get back.

We had organised to meet the others tonight for dinner at 7:30pm, but as we still had a few hours to kill and Bruno was bored from sitting around relaxing we went for a walk around Cusco... This ended on taking us up and down a number of stairs and around parts of Cusco we hadn't seen before. Good workout, but I hated doing stairs at this altitude.

We got back and as I was getting ready for dinner Lucho messaged me to get a copy of my police report, he may no longer be with us, but he's still looking out for us. I told him we were about to head out for dinner and he suggested a nice place just around the corner called "Los Perros". It was a great place to eat, just a shame we didn't know about this place sooner. Collin and Sonia left from there, not so bad as Bruno and I will likely see them in a few months when they move to New Zealand.

It was the back to the hotel so Hannah could pack her things and the rest of us could play cards... I was way to tired and the game was dragging on so it was off to bed for me.

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