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Day 23 - Amazon Day 3 - Bites, Piranha & Cayman

Puerto Maldonado, Puerto Maldonado, Peru

Thursday, July 2, 2015

This morning I checked out my back which felt a little itchy, it was then obvious as to why. My back appears to be covered in bites. Not really sure what from as I had repellant on yesterday and no bugs got under the mosquito net above my bed.

We went to breakfast only to find that everyone else had slept in, on top of that our walk would be delayed due to the rain. Not too much of a major though as we were able to just take a little rest while we waited for the others to get up.

Today's walk was a 6 hour walk today (3 hours each way) while yesterday's was 4 hours in total. The walk took us to a different lake and we came across a few new sights, such as tarantulas, different frogs, Owls and birds called Macaws. I joked how they need to tell kiwis they have a rare one with is black and white and is called the Richie Macaw.

We took a canoe around the lake and saw an Anaconda under the water, a lot bigger than the one we saw yesterday. We headed back toward the dock stopping under some trees as our guide wanted to try and catch a Piranha for Bruno who wanted to see one. We sat for about 10 minutes while Tony kept on baiting his hook and the Piranha kept on stealing the meat off the hook. Eventually his persistence paid off and he caught one. Even out of the water the Piranha was pretty menacing, putting a old leaf in its mouth it would just chop right though it. We got pics with it before we placed it back in the water and let it swim on.

We then headed back to shore where we had our lunch before taking the 3 hour walk back to the lodge. After arriving back at the lodge we all needed showers as we were just drenched in sweat and then we took afternoon naps as we are all getting old, that and walking 15km in the heat requires a good rest afterwards.

We figured as we won't have light in the morning or tonight that we better pack our bags before the sun goes down, so while I was packing mine, Bruno went to check on the food we stashed away in the "safe" area, only to find that ants had started to attack our packaging... Should have figured that. He managed to kill most of them, but obviously some of them got some of our goodies, we figured it was easier to eat the chocolates so the ants couldn't get to enjoy them. Then we set off to the hammocks to watch the sunset, we arrived at about 5pm, knowing that the sun sets at 5:24pm that day (GPS watch shows exact time) and while it had been a brilliant day of sun, about 10 minutes before sunset the weather changed and it started raining. it's the Amazon, what can ya do about it.

By this stage it was time to go try and spot some Caymans (a relative to the alligator), we jumped on to the boat and spear our weight evenly so the boat wouldn't tilt to one side, unfortunately however we weren't the only group going. A bunch of German people joined us and didn't pay any attention at the start to the instructions and nearly caused to boat to tip by moving around. Bruno asked Tony for me if they have had any boats tip, he said yes, often. Bruno holding his camera at this time was beginning to think he should have left it back on shore. I then had him ask if anyone had died, and once again... yes. just last week one of the boats had tipped and someone got trapped underneath, so at this point Bruno and I were getting a little uncomfortable and did whatever we could to make sure that boat didn't rock to much by moving our bodies to counter any boat movement. While we didn't really see much Cayman, we did still manage to see a couple, less than what I expected, but hey, I wasn't too fussed about seeing them anyway.

We made our way back to shore and then had dinner, another brilliant meal tonight, Chicken Stroganoff as the main and Jelly for the dessert.

Now it's back to our rooms to try and get to sleep so we can try and get up in the morning to see the sunrise.

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