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Day 24 - Goodbye Amazon, Hello Civilization

Lima, Lima, Peru

Friday, July 3, 2015

Back to civilization today, and while I did find myself enjoying the Amazon after a while, I can happily say thank goodness. My main reason for this statement is purely based on the fact that I just kept getting bit by the Mosquitos, where as Bruno has had one bite the entire time we have been here, so unfair. He's the one that wanted to come to the Amazon in the first place, he should get bitten... Not me.

We woke to see the sunrise, but there was no chance of seeing it today due to the rain clouds which didn't appear to leave since last night. We had breakfast and made our way back to the mainland by boat, surprisingly only taking about an hour compared to the 2 hours it took us to get up to the lodge on the first day. Must be eager to get rid of us.

After arriving on the shore we took a bus back to the town got to the airport only to find out we couldn't check-in for another two hours. We left our bags at the airport as we didn't want to lug them around and headed back into town to grab something to eat (3 days of eating semi stale bread with jam for breakfast gets old quick).

We decided to take a walk around the town to see what there was to do there as Bruno and I weren't flying out until after 3:30pm, which was still a few hours away. While there wasn't really much to see, we did get a look at a small park which overlooked a bridge that kind of looked like the Golden Gate Bridge. Apart from that there wasn't much else to see, oh, well actually there was also a Macaw so yeah, I guess that counts as well. We decided to kill some time and jump on the Internet for an hour or so. This is where I heard the news that my younger brother has a new baby boy.

Having to head off to the airport in a little while, we took one quick walk around the town and thought we would have an ice-cream, well 1 turned into 2, and I had already had 3 scoops of flavours earlier in the day, so technically I had 5 different flavours of ice-creams today. Not really good on the belly, but boy did they taste good.

Off to the airport it was next, we decided we would take a tuktuk to the airport, just because we could, we weren't in a rush and thought it was a little different to our normal means of transport. Arriving we picked up or bags and proceeded towards our check-in, only to find that they wanted to check out check-in luggage... by hand. Bruno's bag is completely packed and so is mine, after they opened Bruno's bag and found it full, Bruno explained that mine was even worse, so he just let it past. After checking in we thought we would get something to drink before we went through security. This place had air conditioning which was a welcomed bonus, we ended up sitting in there for some time on our own while we played a game of chess. After about an hour we headed through the security gate, once again i triggered off the scanner... I've set off the alarm at 4 airports now. After removing my belt I got through.

Upon boarding out plane I noticed that Karan and Clara were just boarding as well, we had the impression they were catching an earlier flight, but turns out Karan got the time of the flight mixed up with tomorrow's flight. After landing in Lima we ended up catching a cab together, word of advice if you ever come to Lima... Always pre book your taxi, Bruno was able to talk the guy down to less than what he was asking. Originally the guy was asking about NZ$60, he got him down to about NZ$35 for both destinations which worked out well for both of us. We headed off down this 3 lane road which somehow managing to fit 5 lanes of cars onto the same road... Very tight at times but eventually the space cleared. We ended up having to pull into a gas station so the driver could fill the car, we stayed in the car only to find they wouldn't full it while we sat in it. Apparently it's against the law to fill it while people are in the car, Karan pointed out how it's funny how they don't care about indicators or how many cars are in a lane, but they care if your sitting in the car while they fill it.

After arriving at the hotel Bruno headed off to the gym while i caught up on my blogs and emails. After which, Bruno and i headed off to the supermarket for a roast chicken dinner. Bargin of a price at just NZ$11 total for a half chicken each, with fries and a drink. It really hit the spot too.

It was then off for a 20 minute walk to the movies to see Jurassic World at the cinema's, tickets were so cheap in comparison to the prices in NZ, about $11 at the standard price for a 2D movie, and popcorn and drink worked out at about $8, that want a combo either, if I had thought about it, I could have got, drink, popcorn and something else for about $7. The movie was great, much preferred over the last couple they did. Finished the movie at about 1am and decided add it was a rather warm evening with a semi cool breeze in the air that we would walk back to the hotel. A great evening all in all.

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