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Day 25 - Last full day

Surquillo, Surquillo, Peru

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Woke up this morning feeling a little excited, but yet also a little sad that today is our last full day in Peru. We decided we would drop off our laundry to get that cleaned before heading home tomorrow and then take a walk along the wonderful coastal view that I ran the last time we were in Lima, hoping this would not only be a nice walk, but also a way to build up an appetite for lunch at Rustica which is an all you can eat buffet. It was amazing to see how many people out there were keeping fit, runners, Cyclists, even people just doing workouts in the park, I never see this many people working out in the place back in NZ.

After our walk we caught up with Chris outside Rustica and made our way inside. We were all pretty hungry so it was definitely time to eat. The final of the Cup America game was starting about half way through our lunch, so it did get a little noisy at times, but apart from that, the food was good so we were all pretty happy.

By this stage it was time to collect our washing, it's so good knowing we can just go drop off dirty clothes and then a few hours later get them back, washed and nicely folded away in a plastic bag. Now we don't have to worry about washing anything when we get home except a few little items.

We met Chris again this evening so we could have one final catch up with him for a drink or two before we left the next day. We went off to a nice garden bar where we sat outside on the roof of the bar having a few drinks, Bruno obviously had water, while I enjoyed a nice fruity flavoured alcoholic drink. No idea on the name, I just know it tasted nice.

Bruno headed back to the hotel to get some rest... Think he might have had a little too much food, while Chris, Jael, Cinthia and I carried on to go 10 pin bowling down at Lacoma mall. We arrived to find that surprising, unlike almost everything else here, bowling was probably more expensive than back home. In NZ, we might pay $20 for 2 games each person which includes shoe hire. However over here, you pay by the hour, plus shoe hire. Shoes are relatively cheap NZ $3 for shoe hire. The cost of the lane approximately $50 an hour. If you divide that by the number of people you have playing its not so bad, but if you aren't overly fast at bowling, you might not even complete your first game before that hour is over. We managed to almost get in an entire one and a half games in, Chris was halfway through a frame when the system turned off our lane.

We decided we would head off for another drink before I would head back to the hotel, but as it turns out this drink was going to be at a Salsa bar. A welcomed surprise seeing I haven't done any real Salsa dancing in a very long time. Within about 5 minutes I was out on that floor dancing some salsa, it all started coming back to me. I was told afterwards that I was very good and that I was the best tourist she had danced with. I take that as a compliment and thank my formed dance teacher Amanda High for all her training those many years ago.

That's it for tonight, after 1am now so time to get some rest.

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