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Day 4 - Gym, feasting and dancing

Lima, Lima, Peru Saturday, June 13, 2015

Got up this morning and found my foot was still sore, seems like the walking around isn't doing my foot any good and the painkillers don't seem to be working either. We had some breakfast first and meet a guy called Ben who was staying at the hotel as his tour had finished and he was no longer able to continue to his next destination due to getting bitten by a dog, and therefore he was stuck with having to go through a series of Rabies shots, poor bugger. He happened to overhear me complaining about my foot and suggested resting it up and also heading to the local pharmacy to pick up some better over the counter Anti-inflammatories. After a bit of a chat with Ben and finishing off with our breakfast Bruno dragged me down to the gym as I wasn't going to be able to go for run. While I obviously wasn't going to be able to keep up, I guess it was still good to get some kind of workout. We then took a little walk down to the pharmacy to get some better anti-inflammatories which hopefully will work wonders, fingers crossed.

The three lads feasting

We arranged to catch up with Chris for lunch so we headed out for a walk from our hotel to meet him at Park Kennedy (about a 5km walk). Bruno was starving the entire way as he hadn't eaten much for breakfast as he was saving himself for the buffet lunch at La Bistecca. We caught up with Chris and we headed straight to the restaurant, only to find that the first two cabs were wanting to charge a ridiculous price, when we finally caught a cab it ended up moving about 2 meters before it broke down. So off again to find another taxi. 10 minutes later we finally got to the restaurant and Bruno headed straight for the food, didn't take him long before he polished off his first plate, but after that he was able to relax a bit.

I tried to eat as much as I use to be able to, but I just didn't have it in me, I feasted way to much and struggled to make through one serving of dessert.

Princesses with a Prince?

In order to try and burn off part of our lunch (I say part, as I'm sure this will last me through to lunch tomorrow) we took a bit of a walk through the mall, only to come across 3 attractive ladies dressed as Princesses, despite me being a little reluctant, I agreed to I'd have a photo with them. Even local shop staff were popping out to get photos with them, so I guess it's not something that's common around there. After that, time to head back to the hotel to get rest up for going out to town tonight. We decided to walk back, while it did help burn off some of the food, we did have some trouble with walking down the streets only to find the footpaths would just disappear and what was before a footpath was now a road, or a bus only lane, we just had to keep hard against the buildings in case some car didn't see us.

Upon returning to the hotel we had a bit of a chat with some people for one of the other tours that were just finishing up, sounds like they all have had a great time so far, so hopefully we have as much fun as they have had. Quick nap to help with the massive food comma and then off again for a quick drink and then heading out dancing at a nearby club.

The dance floor

We arrived at a bar called 'Toro Retro Bar', from the outside it wasn't much, but as soon as you got in the doors the place was packed, huge dance floor, a stage, the upper stage for dancing as well. if you ever went the the Holy Grail in Christchurch it was kind of that sort of setup, but without all the fancy stuff, really just a bar, and dance floors with some really great music. They had some guy up onstage doing a fairly impressive juggling act while making cocktails too, hopefully I'll be able to upload the video of part of it. Upon approaching about 3am we felt we had better head back to the hotel, our ears had probably heard enough loud music for the night.


Where I stayed

Hostal Gemina - Av. Grau 620, Lima, Peru

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