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Here we go again

Well here we are again. It's been a few years since I have done a travel blog, partially related to the bad old Covid, but in all honesty, I probably would have been putting off an overseas trip for a little longer if something else hadn't cropped up.

For those that may have been following my last travel blogs, you will remember that I travelled to Europe back in 2017, Yeah, it's been a few years since then... Well I'm heading that way again. The holiday wasn't actually the main motivation for going however, it was an added bonus. I've actually been lucky enough (or stupid enough depending how you look at it), to get a spot in one of the worlds most prestegious Ultra Running events, the UTMB CCC. A race starting in Courmayeur Italy, running into Champex-Lac, Switzerland and then finishing in Chamonix, France, a race of around 101km, with 6100 of vertical elevation.

Training has unfortunately not gone to plan with a knee injury and then Covid just a couple of months out, so this trip is certainly going to be an interesting one.

For those that are new to my blogs here's a quick rundown of what to expect:

  • Lots of text: I like to explain stuff in details, sometimes it's boring but it's really a reminder for me for when I get old and start to forget stuff.

  • Photos/Videos: Yeah... I'll try include some photos & videos generally every post, but it may be easier to check my Instagram if I get around to it as I do have limited storage here.

  • Daily updates: While I may not always get a post out daily, I certainly try to break the posts into seperate days. There may be an exemption to this rule on September the 1st/2nd where the race will hopefully (fingers crossed🤞) blend into one day.

  • Humour: Probably not really any humour, unless predictive text changes something like it did one year from Gangster Movies to Hamster Movies (coincidentally, I just worked out how that happened by me missing the g in the middle of Gangster)

  • Lots of typos & bad Grammer: Yeap, there will be typos and bad Grammer, it can't be helped, but you can help by letting me know 😉

  • Emojis: I know right, who puts emjoi icons in blog posts, well I'm likely too seeing I'm probably going to be doing them from my phone this trip.

  • Confusion: There will no doubt be some confusion as I do these blog posts as some of them may jump between past and present tense, and potentially even take about something planned that same day only to talk about that same thing straight after. This is totally due to when I'm typing the blog as I try to do them whenever I get a spare moment.

It's the first time for me blogging from the app since I setup the website, all the time in the past I've actually used another system, or typed them on the computer.

Hopefully these blog posts will show up correctly and in the right categories on the website. If not then it may take a little longer before things are visible for you.

I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to post a link to them on Facebook, so for the most up to date posts, just check the website:

So stay tuned for whats to come starting on the 21st August.

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