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One last update, plane delayed, but finally home

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Christchurch, Canterbury, New Zealand

Well, so it turns out that a 3rd world country is easier and more reliable getting around than a 1st world country.

Made it all the way around the past month with no travel problems apart for our guide not being allowed to continue to Mexico with us due to the stupid people at the Mexico border.

Then I get to Auckland to find my plane had been cancelled due to fog, or was it the fact that I arrived on April Fools Day and they just wanted to play a joke on us that had been travelling so long. Thankfully I had plenty of sleep on the plane so I wasn't I a foul mood, and the lovely lady at the terminal sorted out my next flight for me instead of sending me down to the check in terminals like she was with everyone else. So that kind of made it not so bad.

So, the next flight I could get on was at 1pm, I managed to get onto the plane before everyone else, (that's not a big deal cause we are all leaving at the same time anyway), however it did mean that I didn't have to try and find somewhere to stuff my bag and duty free.

As we flew over the South Island it was great to see the southern alps, something that just meant to me, I was in fact home.

After landing back in Christchurch I got off the plane and was greeted by Mum at the airport.

I can't say what the specific highlight of the trip was, there are three that spring to mind though:

  1. The Grand Canyon in North America

  2. The ruins of Tikal in Guatemala

  3. The new friends I have meet during the trip

I hope you have enjoyed reading these blogs, who knows, I might do blogging the next time I travel too.

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