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USA - Day 2 - Paramount, Hollywood, Warner Bros.

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Hollywood, California, United States

Woken early this morning at just after 6am in the grasp of a big strong man, Bruno. So, I ended up getting at least 5 hours sleep today.

We then went to Paramount Pictures and now we have finished our tour of Paramount Pictures, I've now got to try and get as much info down before I forget. Our tour guide was a guy called Nathaniel, he was pretty easygoing and relaxed, was able to give us a heap of really interesting facts.

Looking around the place was amazing, seeing all these locations where things have been filmed, and yet they look totally different when you see that same building in another movie.

For those that have seen Wolf of Wall street, I found out that it was originally 4 hours long, they stripped an hour to get the rating down enough for more to be able to watch it.

Was lucky enough to get to see some of the Glee cast, no filming was being done for the show, but they were in the middle of setting up for one of there new episodes, due to their whole rules and stuff I wasn't able to get photos of that. Apparently one of the Glee episodes cost US$4,000,000 just to film one of the scenes in Time Square.

Off to Hollywood Boulevard next where we saw the Stars and and bunch other things, One of the things I'll let you be aware of if you haven't been here, don't take CDs or DVDs from people saying, here this is for you, if you do them they will expect money. It didn't happen to me, but we did see one guy walking along and they offered him one, he said no a couple of times and they kept on offering, he ended up saying fine, took one an walked off, they followed him down the street wanting payment.

There were also a heap of people dressed up like movie characters, most of them didn't look very good, bit of you did see one you wanted a pic with... You guessed it, get the wallet out ready to give them a tip.

Off to see the Hollywood sign was next, but trying to find the best way to get the best view was crazy, luckily Dan had an idea on where we had to go and was able to plot in a street in the area and the GPS was able to take us there.

Now off to Warner Brothers for a VIP Tour there. The tour was pretty good, certainly a lot more to see, we were able to walk though some of the houses and see that some places looked like one house from one side, but from the other side it looked like another place altogether.

Got to see the old friends set in Central Perk, that was pretty cool, and also got to see some of the Batman cars as well as the 'Nerd Herd' vehicle from Chuck.

After all the fun stuff, we decided we would head back, about an hour or so later on the highway in peek traffic we finally able to find somewhere to eat... It just happened to be right near a 'Dress for Less' store which was real cheap, example: a pair of FILA shoes, $25. We shouldn't have gone, ended up spending a bit more than planned.

Off to Vegas in the morning. Think I'm going to have to try and win big, this trip is getting expensive.

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