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USA - Day 4 - Vegas, Caesars Palace, David Copperfield

Saturday, March 08, 2014

Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

Today we checked into Caesars Palace, and wow it's flash, there are also so many slot machines and tables you get lost no matter where you go.

We seem to be managing ok at the moment with very little sleep, 4 - 5 hours most nights, there is the occasional conflict here and there, but that usually resolves itself in and hour or so.

We didn't wake to our usual morning tune this morning, some Trumpet song by Jason Derulo (or however you spell it) which was a bit odd, but that's ok, I had my own music to listen too.

Managing to get around Vegas alright, but with so many things to see, it's hard to fit it all in. We ended up booking another night in Caesars, Bruno and Daniel have tried to score us an upgrade, but no luck there.

We were able to get tickets to David Copperfield this evening, and I tell you, it was well worth every dollar. He made a car appear in out of nowhere, made some of the audience disappear, then reappear. We even got to see a new illusion that he's still perfecting, but I thought was pretty good anyway.

Afterwards we decided we had to see Las Vegas sign, fun times, but obviously it was packed with Tourists and party groups all wanting to see it too.

The Coco-Cola store was our next visit, I was like a child in a lolly store, I had to get some new bottles to add to my collection, I just hope they don't break or get damaged with the rest of my trip still to come.

And speaking of Lollies, that's where we went next, the M&M store, I didn't buy any chocolates, but did get a new cube to go with my Rubix cube collection.

Now, off to the Craps table. it was a great time, got down there just after 12am, and before we knew it was almost 4am.

This was my first day playing Craps ever, and I tell you, I had one of the most amazing rolls ever, the crowd was cheering, and we even had people joining my table, I made a lot of people money that night while I was rolling the dice.

For those of you that know how to play Craps, I rolled about six 7's in a row an 11, followed by two 5's, then another 7, and then back onto the normal numbers. I even had people betting on 7 suspecting I would roll a 7, my gosh, I couldn't believe it

We were playing next to guy by the name of Lez, who we now suspect was high up in the Freemason's. He had special gold coin on him, and when we were saying farewell he wished us luck an told us to kiss the coin, when we asked what that was he went a bit quiet and turned away. It wasn't until later we realised what the coin was.

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