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USA - Day 6 - Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon & who knows

Monday, March 10, 2014

Williams, Arizona, United States

Today's post may or may not be the last post for a few days, not sure when I'll get wifi reception next.

The next few days we have no idea where we are going to sleep, we are just going to take each day as it comes.

We headed towards Hoover dam first thing in the morning. Left at about 9am, leaving a few hours later than planned, as well as some detours so someone could see the Las Vegas sign, as they weren't with us when we went.

Unfortunately as someone was so concerned about getting to the Grand Canyon, we missed the turnoff to see the Hoover dam to save 40 minutes thinking we would see it going over the bridge. That didn't happen, no view at all.

I'm rather annoyed about that, it's one of the three things that I really wanted to see. If we had stuck to the original plan on leaving at 6am we would have probably been able to do it. Unfortunately we can't take into account the other people on the trip taking so much time.

We are on our way to the Grand Canyon now, via Route 66. I've was able to drive that part of the trip to a town called Williams.

It now sounds like we are going to be missing Monument Valley as one of the guys is worried about not making it in time, and not sure about the long drive and doesn't seem to think We could do the long drive with the little sleep. I beg to differ seeing there are three of us that are registered to drive here. Bit of a pain, if we had planned that earlier, we could have actually gone to Hoover dam as we wouldn't have been so rushed today. ------

Made it to the Grand Canyon, $25 to get in which is apparently a "Road Permit", no big deal, just sounds expensive when you think you are just driving on a road. It actually probably turned out to be the cheapest an most we'll worth money spent so far, Grand Canyon was amazing, we only got a couple of hours there tonight, however the pass will allow us entry for a few more days so we are probably going to head up again in the morning.

We got some great photos, however my phones camera memory is full, so not really sure if I'll be able to upload any more pics to the blog, depends on if I can get the photos off. I still have my normal camera, it's very time consuming uploading of that, but I'll see what I can do.

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