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USA - Day 7 - Grand Canyon, Sedona & Phoenix

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sedona, Arizona, United States

So we ended up skipping Monument Valley after all, a bit of a shame as I know a couple of us did want to see it, but there is always next time I guess. We just didn't have enough time with the lack of sleep that we have all had.

Have ended up making another trip to the Grand Canyon this morning for the sunrise, it was freezing cold, I think somewhere around 3 degrees celsius.

It's amazing just how big it really is, you can't get a real idea unless you see it for yourself.

Next stop on our trip was Sedona, wow, that place was pretty cool, seeing all the rock formations and the colour of the rock was great. It was probably a little over crowded with tourists, however that was possibly due to spring break just starting and everyone heading through to the Grand Canyon from the opposite direction to us.

We stayed a few hours there just looking around and getting some pictures. This app I'm using isn't able to do bulk uploads of photos as each one has to be titles and descriptions given, so I'll just upload some videos from Sedona.

Next stop is Phoenix, there isn't much planned for there except a Dodger baseball game tomorrow and perhaps a visit to Tilted Kilt.

On the way there we figured we should at least book a room somewhere, so we pulled over at a bakery and got some free wifi while Bruno went and got a haircut

Found a nice cheap room in Phoenix just down the road from our Baseball game tomorrow which is great.

Was able to do some of the driving into Phoenix, was my first time driving in a city, wasn't actually as bad as I thought it would be, no car accidents yet so I must be doing something right, kinda glad I got to do some driving in the city as that way I at least know it's not as scary as I was lead to believe.

Got to the hotel and turned up to find a very attractive Spanish girl working behind the counter. As Bruno and Dan both speak Spanish perfectly they let her know I thought she was beautiful... Then sent me in about two or three times to get "directions", sure they were capable of asking her, but noooo, it had to be me to ask her. Thanks guys.

Next stop was 'Tilted Kilt' for dinner, still not sure which I preferred more. I certainly did like the meal I had there more than at 'Hooters'. Great suggestion from our waitress Mayra, Chicken Fried Chicken, vegetables and Mashed potatoes, yum.

I asked for a Bourbon and dry and they had no idea what I meant, then I said a Jim Beam and Ginger Ale, she had never heard that term before. All and all, Tilted Kilt was a fun night, we had drinks and laughs and took the piss out of each other. One of the girls even gave us free 2013 Calendars of them, that was nice on them, Bruno is worried he won't get it into Dubhai, but he should be fine.

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