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USA - Day 9 - Last day togeather in the USA

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Los Angeles, California, United States

The guys roadtrip is coming to an end today, I can't say that its all been buddy buddy, but I can say we have all had our moments of enjoying the trip.

Today started off with a dash to the Internet cafe at about 1am this morning as Bruno and Dan needed to try and sort out their flights for today... now this was just after us finding a hotel last minute, seems like Spring Break means all the hotels get booked out quiet quickly.

The hotel wasn't flash at all, room wasn't even clean when we arrived, stuff sitting on the bed, facecloths on the bathroom floor. However we were all so tired we didn't really care, at least the beds had been made.

At the moment we are just sitting around the swimming pool at the hotel while playing pool (You know, with the balls and the cue).

To be honest, if your on a small budget and want to meet people, this place isn't that bad, lots of people from all over, free breakfast, free champagne party at the bars from 5pm to 6pm, and a heap of other free stuff, but all we really needed was a bed and some free Wifi.


At the airport now, we have arrive at the terminal where the other guys are leaving from, I've still got close to 10 hours until my flight. I actually have a bit to do online, as well as trying to see if I can get these photos off the phone, phone is practically full, I've had to delete about 7 music albums to free up some space.

---- Well, the guys had some real trouble getting on flights, apparently there were enough seats free, but not enough weight allowance to get them on, so they have all had to try and scramble to find flights, hopefully they all make it home.

I've just arrived though the security check after finally finding the right terminal as my itinerary had terminal 6, when I was suppose to be at terminal 2, it's a few minute walk, and just a pain when you don't know the layout, but it there in the end.

As I was going through security, the guy checked my passport and then said 'Before you go I need to ask you a question' I thought... Oh no, what have I done, everyone else was just passing through no worries. He then said that someone had told him about a place in New Zealand to visit and he wasn't sure if it was Kingstown on Queenstown. So we ended up having about a 5 minute chat about New Zealand, he's keen to check it out.

Went an had a look around an then sat down and have a final meal before I grabbed a seat to rest for the next 2 hours before boarding. It was an extremely long day, getting to bed at about 3:45am in the morning, then up again to leave for the airport.

I'm hoping this flight to get some sleep, hopefully all the late nights catch up with me and I just fall asleep right away.

Next stop, Guatemala.

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